February 12, 2016

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Do you know that mental illnesses are biologically-based brain disorders that are treatable?  That conservatively, 10% of the population has a serious, persistent mental illness?  That access to treatment is severely limited?  That far more persons with mental illness … [Read More...]

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A lovely letter from the plaintiffs in our marriage equality case, from the Indianapolis Star: "We pay homage to Ken Falk and the other lawyers who so passionately and professionally argued our case since March." … [Read More...]

The bylaws that cover our local chapter of the ACLU were originally written in 1987 and updated in 2000. The board proposed modifications to the bylaws to clearly define the chapter's mission, provide the option to utilize communications tools that were not available in … [Read More...]

Newsletter 2014 Spring  The ACLU of Greater Lafayette Spring 2014 Newsletter is out. It includes an invitation to our annual dinner. Join us for an evening of good food, fellowship and updates on freedom. … [Read More...]